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Leasing is the perfect way to ensure you have cash readily available, while continuing to expand your businesses capabilities with the latest CNC technology.

Conserve Working Capital: Unlike with the majority of traditional lenders, you may be able to finance 100% of your purchase. This is key if cash flow is a concern for your company, free up working capital and keep liabilities off the balance sheets.

Leasing is a more effective means of controlling a large amount of equipment with minimal up front cost.

Manage Risk: Mitigate the uncertainty of investing in a capital asset your business needs until it starts making you some money.

Stay on Top of Technology: Leasing often enables you to acquire more advanced machinery that you couldn't afford previously. This means you can plan for the future with a forward thinking purchase in the present


With a base monthly lease payment, you only pay for the machine if you use it, you can free up cash for other things to enable you to make your business grow and succeed.


Give us a call and see if a RogueCNC lease is a good fit for your business..

Lease to own is better, then I get to keep the machine:

But is it really? lease to own is a common practices for mobile phone company's, they build the cost of the phone into the phone bill and you pay for it over the length of the contract right? So after the two or three year term your saying it is important that you own that Iphone 4 even though your competitors are buying Iphone 8? Trust me, while your thinking about how to hold on to yesterdays technology your competitors are figuring out how to get a piece of tomorrows technology, so they can work smarter and faster to produce better parts for less.

Our tooling cost is low and we want to keep it that way.

Yes your right CNC tooling does tend to be expensive, one of the most expensive costs are the tool holders like this one from gorgeous BT30 holder from Maritool, The Rogue Reaper line of CNC routers has been designed with an integrated ER20 collet chuck to help address this concern, it utilities low cost ER20 collets and a automatic tool height sensor to keep the cost down, the trade off being that tool changing requires the operator to quickly manually change the tooling.

A CNC machine will take up a lot off floor space

Yes you are right, a router table in comparison to traditional wood working machines is a large machine, however what you will find is that it will also make a lot of your older machinery redundant, for example a CNC router will drill the holes as well as cut to size, not only will it do that, but it will do it faster and more accurately with less effort than the traditional method. This means that your drilling bench is gone, your dimension saw support bench space is halved. in a lot of cases you will load raw material onto the machine and unload completed parts ready for banding and assembly.

My guys can do it faster manually, and faster means cheaper.

Yes you are right, many jobs can be done much faster using your traditional systems, but when was the last time one of your staff put a hole in the wrong place? or cut it to short? 

Is it really faster and cheaper of you have to rework or redo a part due to brain fart? computers have already eliminated many but not all of the human errors associated with repetitive or mundane tasks, let the machine take care of that stuff freeing your staff up to do more of the skilled work, your already paying for there hands why not use there heads as well.

We have no experience with CNC, I can't afford the down time to retrain my staff or the cost of the training.

We have designed the Rogue Reaper to be simple, we'll install it, set it up, and provide basic training to get you up and running as part of the lease, we include remote diagnostics and telephone support in the package and are sure that the learning curve is both easier and less costly than you imagine.

We don't have any more capacity in our current dust extraction.

Utilizing your current dust extraction method is preferred, why buy something you already own? however we can include a suitable dust extractor in your lease.

CNC machines use a lot of power

The Rogue Reaper will draw around 4kw but it will only do that while its processing material and your only making stuff if customers are buying stuff, the rest of the time you can switch it off, remember outside of the base charge you are only paying for the machine if you are using the machine. 

The lease may be affordable but I bet your gona kill me on the servicing cost.

Your hourly charge include a maintenance component, we will service the machine as the hourly milestones are reached.

My guy is going to crash the machine and its going to cost me thousands in repair costs.

Your lease includes crash insurance so that you know up front how much it could end up costing to repair, minor crashes are expected during the service life of the machine most of which will be very affordable to repair should you even bother to have it repaired. once the lease it terminated your bond will be used to bring the machine back up to a "in good used condition" standard the remaining balance will be refunded, See lease terms for more details

I don't want a basic machine, I want the beast!

If your new to CNC then we strongly recommend starting with a Rogue Reaper this will give you a cost effective taste of the technology with the ability to upgrade when ever you choose. If your not new to CNC and just want to join our leasing program then give us a call, i think your going to like what we've got to say.

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