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Bend steel to your will with 80 metric tonnes' of hydraulic force!

With its powerful down stroke you can bend up to 6mm mild steel, 10mm Aluminum and 3mm Stainless steel at up to 1600mm wide.

Featuring the well known Delem (Turkey) DA-41s NC control panel with back gauge control, angle programming, tool programming, retract function, and up to 100 programs with up to 25 bends per program.

The main transmission system is made up of a Siemens motor and a Bosch Rexroth main valve, the servos and drivers being the ultra reliable Tomatech G2 as found in our milling machines, lathes and routers. 

The core components of your ROGUE STRYKER press break will serve you for years breaking all of your expectations.


includes standard top and bottom tooling

Finance Available

Stryker2 copy.png
Press tooling.png

NC Press Break

Valve copy.png
Servo side.png

Tech Spec's

Small form factor 1700x1400x2200mm

Bend up to:

10mm Aluminum

6mm Mild Steel

3mm Stainless Steel

Powerful AC Servo Motors 1300w

Tomatech G2 Drivers

7.5kw hydraulic pump

1280mm between columns

1600mm Work Table

Throat Depth 300mm

Stroke 120mm

Max opening 320mm

Punch and Die material 42CrMo

1700x1400x2200 WxDxH


3Ph 16A 50Hz**

Finance available

**Model dependent

G2 Driver copy.png

New Generation digital signal processor and intelligent module.

Advanced position accuracy algorithm.

Integrated smart PID and PDFF controller.

Supports load monitor, torque feed forward compensation for enhanced dynamic response ability.

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