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ROGUE Revolver Mini Turning Center

Innovate your ideas, prove your game changing concepts, start your own production line with

the Rogue Revolver Horizontal Turning Center!

  • Cut plastics, bronze, copper, stainless, steel, Aluminium and more.

  • Small foot print for home workshop / hobby use.

  • Has many features of a large industrial machine, making growing into a bigger machine easy.

    • Hardware motion controller.

    • 5c Pneumatic Collet closer

    • 6" 3 jaw chuck

    • Flooded coolant.

    • Gang Tooling

    • 2 station LIVE TOOLING!! (optional)

    • Pendant.

  • Single phase power plug for convenience.

  • Highest feed rate/rapid rate of its class, for fast cut times.

  • 2x the cutting power of competing products.

The Revolver Premium Package includes the flood coolant enclosure, 5c collet closer, Gang tooling, TomaTech TAC2000 hardware motion controller, G2 Drive amplifiers, automatic lubrication system, not to mention this is the first small form factor lathe to offer a live tooling option.

Optional accessories include:

Hydraulic chuck

3.7kw spindle (3ph only)

4 position tool changer


$29,995 +gst

Finance Available

Tech Spec's

230v 50hz 20amp, straight out of the wall in the shed power*

Small form factor 1650x1100x1550mm

Cuts almost anything (steel, plastic, aluminium, stainless, brass, bronze etc)

Powerful AC Servo Axis Motors (XZ 1200w,)

2.2kw AC Servo Spindle

3000RPM Spindle

Swing over bed 380mm

Swing over carriage 120mm

X axis travel 380mm

Z Axis travel 180mm

A2-5 Spindle Nose

46mm max bar size

6000mm/min cutting

12000mm/min Rapids

Gang Tooling

Rigid tapping

Flood coolant



Finance available

*may require an electrician.

Live Tooling specifications:

Duel or single station

ER25 collet

Full C axis interpolation

360 degree C Axis indexing

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G2 driver banner2.jpg

New Generation digital signal processor and intelligent module.

Advanced position accuracy algorithm.

Integrated smart PID and PDFF controller.

Supports load monitor, torque feed forward compensation for enhanced dynamic response ability.