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AUTO TOOL CHANGE -  Rogue Reaper II 1325

Mass produce your parts by adding an industrial CNC to your business.


The ATC Rogue Reaper II boasts a heavy duty bed and gantry for rigidity, a powerful 9 kw HSK63 air cooled spindle and rack and pinion drive system (Y Axis). This means that your Reaper CNC router will be super rigid for smooth, reliable, accurate and continuous operation. This is an industrial machine with a standard 12mth warranty and support from an english speaking, local kiwi company. We carry spares to keep you up and running and are located in Hamilton for immediate support.


ATC Reaper II 1325 CNC ROUTER Specifications:

  • Working area: 1300*2500*250mm
  • Spindle: 9kw ATC
  • Tooling: HSK63, 8 tool linear rack
  • Air cooled spindle
  • Control system: ADTech 9640
  • Drive system: 750w Tomatech G2 / 750w Delta
  • Transmission: Z axis by Taiwan TBI ball screw
  • Transmission X & Y axis by rack and pinion (55,000mm per minute)
  • Rail guide: Taiwan linear square rail guide
  • Table: T-slot
  • Auto Tool Sensor
  • Inverter: Fuling
  • Vacuum table and vacumm pump 5kw
  • 415v 3 phase 50hz
  • Colour: Red, Grey and Black
  • Automatic oil lubrication system
  • Basic Training (pickup only allow 2-3hours)
  • Weight Approx. 1300kgs


Optional Extras & Approx pricing:

  • 2.2kw Single bag dust collector (add $600
  • 3kw Double bag dust collector (add $1200)
  • Support Package (add $TBA)
  • Installation & Repairs ($195 per hour + Travel)
  • Advanced Training ($195 per hour + Travel)
  • CAD/CAM software solutions (see software menu)


See Menu for Spare Parts

AUTO TOOL CHANGE - Rogue Reaper II 1325

  • Price is an estimate based on the current exchange rate (03/22) please call to confirm pricing.

    Shipping and handling price quoted on a case by case basis.

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