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Rogue Reaper 1212 CNC Router

Take your projects to the next level by adding affordable industrial CNC to your business. ​


Available in both the 1212 and the 1224 footprint the Rogue Reaper boasts a cast bed and gang tree for regidity, 25mm ball screws and square Hiwin linear rails for accuracy and a powerful 2.2kw water cooled spindle. This means that your Reaper CNC router will be super rigid for smooth, reliable, accurate and continuous operation, this is an industrial machine with a standard 12mth warranty and support from an English speaking, local kiwi compiny.


Reaper 1212 CNC ROUTER Specifications

  • Working area: 1200*1200*200mm
  • Spindle:2.2kw water cooling spindle Control system:
  • Mach3 controller with USB port
  • Drive system: Leadshine stepper motors and drivers
  • Transmission: X,Y Z by Taiwan TBI ball screw
  • Rail guide: Taiwan linear square rail guide
  • Table: T-slot Inverter: Fuling inverter Auto Tool Sensor 220-230V 50HZ
  • Colour: Red&BLACK Automatic oil lubrication system
  • Dust proof for X,Y,Z axis
  • Includes Mach3 Software licence
  • Basic Trainging (pickup only allow 2-3hours)
  • Weight Approx 450kgs


Optional Extras:

  • Vaccumm table and pump
  • 2.2kw Single bag dust collector
  • 3kw Double bag dust collector
  • Turnkey computer system
  • Wireless Pendant
  • Support Package
  • Installation
  • Advanced Training
  • CAD/CAM software solutons (see software menu)

Rogue Reaper 1212 CNC Router

  • Price is an estimate based on the current exchange rate (06/17) please call to confirm pricing.

    Shipping and handling price quote on a case by case basis.

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