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Rogue Saber - CO2 - Laser Cutter/Engraving System

Change the game with the ability to cut and engrave wood, MDF, plywood, chipboard, dieboard, cardborad, acrylic, fabric, jeans, plastic, leather, paper, ABS, EPM, PE, PES, PUR, PVB, PVC, PUR, PMMA, PTFE and more.


The Rogue Saber Co2 laser system is a dual tube so that your engraving is crisp and clear and your cutting is not limited to slow speed thin materials.


With built in 550w fan and optional fume filter cabinet, you will be able to run your production when you need, no waiting, no backlog, no excuses


Technical Specifications:

Working Size: 1300x900mm (X/Y Axis)

Auto Focus Height Control (Z Axis)

Min line width 0.15

position accuracy 0.01

repeatability 0.02

Ruida 6455G Hardware Controller

RECI W8 180 Watt Max Laser Tube (for cutting)

RECI W2 90 Watt Laser Tube (for Engraving)

Leadshine Hybrid Servos

Taiwan TBI Linear Rails

Belt Transmission

HoneyComb Work table

Water Chiller

550w Exhaust Fan

USB Interface

Includes Lightburn license (


230v 50hz 15amp single phase power required

Rogue Saber - CO2 - Laser Cutter/Engraving System

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