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Tomatech TAC2000 Motion Controller

The Tomatech TAC2000 motion controller is the standard controller for the Rogue Excalibur mini VMC and the Rogue Revolver Lathe.  It is a great choice for machines that have advanced features like multiple spindles, 3+ Axis and rigid tapping.


Options include a sub-board and Pendant for user friendly control.

Please call before ordering to discuss cable requirements


  • Three axes control; 3-5 axes linkage; 2 analog spindles
  • 1ms interpolation cycle, 0.1μm control precision.
  • Two channels -10V ~ 10V analog voltage output, to support double spindle control
  • Linear type, index type and S type etc. acceleration and deceleration options.
  • Embedded with PLC programming, the current running PLC programming can be chosen
  • PLC displayed online, real time monitoring, signal real time tracing
  • Supports statement type macro programming, supports macro codes with parameters calls.
  • Flexible tapping and rigid tapping can be set by parameters
  • Includes spiral, scaling, polar coordinate, fixed circle and a variety of slotting compound cycle function.
  • Includes historical alarm and resume operation functions, is convenient for users to operate and maintain
  • Support multi-level passwords for equipment maintenance and management
  • 36 point general input/36 point general output
  • Support standard RS232 and USB port, support U disk documents operation, system configuration and software update and documents/Gcode  transfer, serial ports DNC machining and USB online machining.


Manufacturer's Website:

Tomatech TAC2000 Motion Controller

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