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UB1 breakout board for UCCNC

UB1 (UCCNC Breakout board) is designed for industrial applications and specifically to work with the UC300ETH which is an excellent motion control board designed to be used with the UCCNC software.


Specification and Features:

  • By using an Ethernet connection, the UC300ETH is far more noise resistant than using a USB motion board or parallel Port connection and therefore helps to protect the logic signal when the controller and drives are located a large distance from the computer.
  • Can be used in conjunction with UCCNC or Mach3, run on Windows XP, Win7, Win8 both 32 and 64 bit, on both desktop and notebook computers.
  • Generates motion command signals from 25 kHz to 400 kHz
  • New! Utilizes All 5 ports and is compatible with the UC300ETH-5LPT pin out.
  • New! Differential line driver for motion signals, allows for longer wiring with more resistance to interference when compared to TTL open end. Also can be used as single end both source and sink connection.
  • New! A single 24Vdc Power Supply is needed. There is a 5Vdc isolated and non-isolated dc2dc converter on board, thus saving installation space and wiring.
  • New! OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device) outputs and hardware safety circuit are implemented when a peripheral device such as a servo motor drive or a spindle VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) trigger an alarm condition, which causes the Safety Circuit to disengage the OSSD output. This method is used on large CNC machines to cut power from the drives.
  • New! LED status for all inputs and outputs including motion control signals. Makes it much easier to diagnose and trouble shoot.
  • New! Isolated power and ground between the PC, UC300ETH and I/O, which eliminates crossover noise and ground loop problems.
  • New! Polarity and over voltage protection (in conjunction with a fuse) for the 24Vdc power supply.
  • A charge-pump signal is provided. This helps the user to form a safety interlock condition between controller and devices.
  • New! 2 non-isolated analog inputs for feed and speed control override.
  • New! 2 isolated analog outputs. This circuit is totally isolated from the UB1 and forms a part of the VFD inverter, connected as potentiometer variable resistor (VR). High voltage noise from the inverter cannot cause interfere through this connection.
  • 13 channels of 24vdc isolated NPN inputs, suitable for industrial sensors with an NPN type output.
  • 5 channels of 5Vdc isolated NPN inputs, suitable for low voltage devices such as MPG, encoder.
  • New! 5 channels of 24/5Vdc selectable isolated PNP inputs, suitable for industrial sensors with PNP type output.
  • 2 non-isolated extended headers, LPT4 and LPT5 with compatible UC300ETH-5LPT pin out.
  • 14 NPN isolated output terminals capable of sinking current up to 70mA for each channel.
  • 3 onboard NO relays. (Contacts can easily be changed to NC by using the Solder Bridge under the board). 
  • New! Off Delay Time provided for K1, K2. This allows the user to create a timing sequence for devices that need to power up or power down independently at different times. It can be used for such application as “Z axis Drop Protection”. The K3 Relay can be controlled by a charge pump signal.
  • Spring terminals for quicker connecting and disconnecting of cables. They are resistant to vibration, so no more screws which have rattled loose and no more forgetting to tighten.




Shipping: Medium package

UB1 breakout board for UCCNC

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